encourage explore ignite through creativity

"creativity & mindfulness are necessary pre-requisites for our future entrepreneurs"


"My PET" Friday Specialty Series


"claytivity creativity"

Age: 6+

Time: 3:30 to 5:00

New Program coming soon

Investment: $120 (4 weeks)

Limited to 8 artists

Please bring a nutritious snack and water

"WILDLIFE" Wednesdays


"unleash creativity"

Age: 6+

Time: 3:30 to 5:00 

Investment-$24.50/class or $90/4-class or $210/10-class punchcard

Includes: all supplies & take home keepsakes

Please bring a nutritious snack and water

Refer a Friend and we will donate $5 to SPCA

"OPEN STUDIO" Tuesdays & Thursdays


"discover creativity"

Age: 6+

Time: 3:30 to 5:00

Investment-$24.50/class or $90/4-class or $210/10-class punchcard

Includes: all supplies & take home keepsakes

Please bring a nutritious snack and water

Refer a Friend and we will donate $5 to SPCA




July 9/10/11 or July 16/17/18 or July 30/31/Aug 1 or Aug 6/7/8



10:00AM to 1:00PM


$49/Day or 3 Days/$140

Please bring a healthy snack and water bottle

Reserved for 8 people only ages: 7+




More classes coming SOON

Bring your own machine and learn how to navigate the basics.

Learn how to read a pattern, cut a pattern, embellish.

Make 2 take home projects from "up-cycled" materials.

Bring a healthy snack and water

Limited machines on site


We LOVE to party at Orkidz. So let us take care of all your PARTY worries.

Give us a call to create memorable-customized party for your KIDDO!

Just think no loot bags required, 2 hours of party bliss, and NO CLEAN UP!

Be sure to book your massage while we take care of it ALL!


$200-8 partiers ($25/pp extra partiers)

2 hours  (weekends and some after school days)

Includes: take home projects, supervision, CLEAN UP!

*Add CLAYTIVITY for $50

*Due to Municipal Guidelines you must provide the food



Check out this great video

Magical Mandalas

Check out this great video


"OPEN STUDIO" Tuesdays & Thursdays


Join the gang and create your own Thang!

Have the freedom to create anything you want in that moment in an open studio setting.  

Think outside the box and create whatever tickles your fancy just like a real artist.

These great skills will help your child cope with the hustle & bustle of everyday life

"WILDLIFE" Wednesdays


Do all Tigers have stripes? Do all Giraffes have long necks? Do all Humans have 5 fingers & toes?  Does it really matter when it comes to the creative process?  Being creative allows us to see the beauty in all, you begin to appreciate the bigger picture; that EVERYONE is beautiful!  

This series will allow your little artist to explore varying mediums from sculpting & sewing to pastels & paints, all in animal/nature form.

"CLAY" Fridays


CLAYTIVITY-Creativity Collaboration

Come join Rosie from CLAYTIVITY & Layna and create your own Clay projects.  

Techniques learned will include sculpting with clay/designing/painting/drawing and a pottery wheel introduction.

We will focus on details, patience, the process & creative thinking to bring out the POTTER in you.

Spirited Owner/Artist "Miss Layna"


10 years ago I had a lightbulb moment.....why not combine what I love...mentoring, art & kids.  So I created Orkidz Art Studio.  It was a BLISSFUL concept. Children of all ages, working together, creating, communicating, building relationship, helping one another, like a community. 

 It was an amazing 2 years and at the height of my success my miracle came along.  After 6 years of waiting the universe finally said "YOU are ready to be a mom". As I had always dreamed Ai-Li our 10 month old, 14lbs daughter was waiting for us in China.  I decided to be a full-time mom and closed Orkidz.  


I dabbled with art camps and an in-home studio but as Ai-Li grew and was diagnosed with Autism so did my need for change.  I became an Education Assistant to learn more about the needs of all children in the school system.  I enjoy the challenges of building relationships, guiding children daily with coping skills and mindful strategies to make their lives that much better....and mine too.

Now 10 years later Ai-Li and I are ready to launch Orkidz Art's n Smarts Studio.  Come join us and create a community of MINDFULNESS, KINDNESS, CREATIVENESS & JOY in our sacred space.

Certified Psychotherapist/Artist "Kat"


Katrin Turczyk (KAT), our passionate psychotherapist, has been fascinated by the associations between creativity, self discovery and spirituality since she began her masters in counselling in 2012.  

Kat believes that art and the art of creation has the potential to heal the soul and by exploring this spiritual space one is able to come closer to their own authentic self.    

When you learn how to be yourself then managing difficult emotions and navigating this world by making good choices becomes natural!  

Kat's bubbly personality and wild heart will not disappoint!

By appointment contact Kat at  Ammonitecounselling@gmail.com

Kat & Layna are space sharing and collaborating on a variety of programs.  Kat has a separate space within the studio for her private practice.

Testimonials & Tributes & Commendations


"Such a wonderful concept, and Layna is the best person to deliver.  She has this "way" with kids that my daughter has never forgotten...even 10 years later she still remembers her and all the incredible art she made." 


I'm a creative person. My job title even has the word "creative" in it. So you can imagine my dismay when, as a mother of preschoolers, I discovered that I had a fairly serious arts and crafts disability. I sucked. And frankly, I disliked it too. My children suffered accordingly, until we met Layna, that is. I can remember the pickup from the first Orkidz class, I'm pretty sure I had not ever seen them as excited and proud as they were that day when they came rushing at me with still damp paintings covered in glitter and popsicle sticks and pressed flowers. They were ecstatic. And me...I was free. Layna became their arts and crafts goddess. They would follow her and her tupperware bins of treasures to the ends of the earth. And they did for more years than I can count. To this day (and my kids have moved on to basketball, boyfriends and university applications), we have an Orkidz wall of fame in a walk-in pantry off my kitchen. Every day I open that door and smile at the gifts she gave to us all. xo....



Nice Lady in rush hour on Georgia Street

Being an artist myself I had hoped to find some children's art/arts and crafts programs for my daughter Sarah in Whistler years ago when she was very young. We were SO very fortunate to have discovered Orkidz Art Studio! Layna Mawson is a dedicated, passionate, caring and creative gem of a person! Sarah  as a young girl could be rather shy when in a new or unfamiliar situation however Layna immediately drew her out of herself and made Sarah feel safe and secure. Sarah enjoyed many years participating in fun, diverse and creative arts sessions with Layna and absolutely LOVED Layna. In fact Layna became a family friend and stepped in on several occasions when I needed someone to stay with Sarah and even my older kids and dog! As Sarah grew up she wanted to continue to explore her creativity outside school programs so Layna developed tailor-made art classes for her and her tween/teen friends. The girls loved the sessions! Layna truly has a huge heart and I'd recommend Orkidz to anyone.


So happy you are offering Orkidz programs again- those are some of Kate's happiest memories!!!



Potter's Wheel


There is opportunity to take a spin on the wheel

Rosemary Slater "Rosie"




Bringing Creativity into Squamish Schools



Claytivity is all about hand sculpting and creating from scratch.


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Orkidz Arts n' Smarts Studio

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